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Joe has been a bright light in the dark and confusing world of finance and investing. He was able to put together a comprehensive plan that opened our eyes to the various implications as far as retirement and investing goes. He is committed to making sure that his clients feel comfortable with his insights and is helpful in the implementation of a plan that will maximize a more orderly and well thought out retirement strategy. Thanks Joe I would highly recommend him for his knowledge and experience.   

Catherine & Frank   

Waterloo, Ontario  

Joe has developed an honest and highly effective approach to finances and tax planning. He has helped me to sort out emotions around money, and continues to enable me to plan and manage my financial successes.  

Gloria Blizzard, Toronto  



"Joe has been nothing but amazing to work with. He seems to ask all the right questions, offers fantastic advice for tracking expenses and planning for taxes, and makes filing small business tax returns effortless. His money management and investment advice has also been very helpful. I have proudly referred many of my colleagues and friends to him. This is the kind of guy you want on your side. Thanks again Joe!"  

Scott, West Toronto  

“My wife and I had been using self-directed investment accounts for years, but I wanted to start working with a fee-only advisor. I’m not a big fan of RSPs, so I was a bit concerned that an advisor might dismiss my interest in alternative investments. However, Joe was very understanding with my concerns against using RSPs, and provided me with advice for various options for investing toward retirement. Once we received the investment plan, I was surprised to see that it wasn’t a complete overhaul. Joe had evaluated our current investment mix against geography, assets, sectors, and tax implications, and recommended that we make a few specific changes. I’m looking forward to working with Joe on our annual reviews.”  

Richard, Toronto  

"We wanted to hire a fee-for-service financial planner and Joe seemed like a great fit for us in terms of his down to Earth approach to financial planning. We are very happy with the financial direction and advice that we received as well as the details which we got in terms of actually implementing the portfolio changes which he suggested. He was also able to do our taxes and we received some very valuable advice on how to minimize our taxes in the context of our overall financial situation. Joe has been great for us and we definitely recommend his services to people looking to stay out of the regular financial services market and its high cost."  

Waterston, Toronto  

"After a few years of managing our own investments, my wife and I decided it was time for an objective and critical analysis of our investment portfolio and retirement needs. After some research we came across Joe Barbieri, an independent analyst who isn't trying to sell any financial products. We exchanged emails and had a phone conversation before agreeing to work with Joe. What we got was an in-depth financial analysis and retirement plan that is worth every penny. I highly recommend Joe to anyone seeking an objective analysis of their investments.   

Herrie ten Cate, Toronto  

"I have always been a fan of "Fee Only" financial advisors that cannot sell products as they are the only ones in my opinion that can separate your best interests from that of their employers. Joe is an excellent example of this type of advisor as he worked for many years for various financial institutions. He saw this bias towards the employer rather than the customer and he explains this in his numerous writings and interviews.   

If you are looking for this type of advisor, and again in my opinion this is the only type you should be looking for, Joe will provide a very high level of knowledge and expertise. He is very organized, accurate and delivers when he says he will.   

Jim McRobert P. Eng., Mississauga, Ontario   

"Thank you so much for your clear, sane, very readable plan, clear explanations, and prompt, thorough follow-up. We would recommend your service to anyone and will keep in touch as we continue to navigate the shoals of investment in the future. We much appreciate your assistance."  

Anne and Paul Court, Toronto   

"I thoroughly enjoy reading Joe’s articles on the stock markets, economy and finance as he provides well researched, thought provoking, independent analysis. He has the ability to simplify complex issues and engages the reader to see a different perspective than what is reported in the mainstream media. Through our numerous conversations about the stock markets, I can truly attest Joe is very knowledgeable of finance and he will serve his clients well as a trusted educator and advisor. He will provide his clients with the tools and knowledge to be a do-it-yourself investor and the confidence to take control of his/her own financial health."  

Lily Ho, Toronto   

"I wanted to thank Joe for very quickly spotting all the inefficiencies and vulnerabilities within my current portfolio. It is the first time I truly understood the impact of paying all those fees, front end, back end, and in the middle . Joe also explained the things I need to know and do, in an understandable fashion, while outlining a sensible, do-able action plan that I will implement going forward. Joe's background and insight around the financial industry is impressive and  Joe has chosen his own career path that places integrity over personal gain.The world needs more people who care as much as Joe does."  

Terri James Harker, Toronto  

“Joe has the exemplary ability to both analyse and comment on financial events which is sorely missed in the public media. As an Investment industry professional, I still find myself reading his column and watching his show to cut through the noise and to get to the relevant facts. I strongly encourage anyone who simply wants to 'Know More" to link to Joe and read his columns”   

M. Shehab Kamal, MBA, Toronto worked directly with Joe at Joe the Investor  

"With his vast wealth of financial knowledge and experience, Joe Barbieri offers clients the counsel and services they need to not only understand investment strategies, but to also capitalize on opportunities. Joe is a great teacher whom his clients can rely on to help them grasp the arcane world of finance, as well as the impact of economic and political issues on their investments."  

Ed Laba Edward Laba & Associates Business Writing & Corporate Communication Services ed@edwardlaba.com www.edwardlaba.com 

"Joe Barbieri was a breath of fresh air as he provided me with extremely helpful and reassuring advice about my investment strategy.  Honesty and ethics are a guiding force with Joe.  He helped me to better understand the pros and cons of different investment options with patience, simplicity and candour. I'd recommend him highly."  

Evelyn Ennor, Holistic Health Educator, Toronto. Web Site: www.evelynennor.com Twitter: Twitter.com/evelynennor

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