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Tax Preparation Services


Tax Preparation and Consultation Services

Prices as of August 1, 2018   


Located in the High Park area of Toronto, we do many types of tax returns, tax planning as well as additional tax related forms as described below:   

Personal Returns  

This includes employment income, spousal credits, child care expenses, investment income, capital gains or any other aspects of the T1 General form. 

Fee: $61.95 + $8.05 HST = $70 per taxation year.


Personal Returns With Rental Income  

This is a personal return with a rental property. This can be a portion of your principle residence (where you live) or a separate rental property that is not classified as a business. This would include rental partnerships.

Fee: $106.19 + $13.81 = $120 for each adult, partner or co-owner per taxation year. 


Personal Returns With Employment Expenses  

If you are an employee and you can deduct expenses as agreed upon between you are your employer via a T2200 form, this would be classified as employment expenses. 

Fee:  $106.19 + $13.81 = $120  per taxation year. 

Self-Employed and Business Returns  

If you are self-employed, operate a sole-proprietorship small business or a partnership or fill out a T2125 form, this would be a business return.

Fee:  $106.19 + $13.81 = $120  per taxation year. 


GST/HST Remittance  

If you are registered to file GST/HST and you need to remit the amounts collected and expenses incurred. 

Fee: $61.95 + $8.05 HST = $70  per remittance period.

Tax Planning   

If you do not need a tax return as of yet but would like tax advice for retirement planning, investment timing, starting or winding up a business or life changing events like marriage, divorce, children, job change or moving your principle residence, this is also offered at any time of the year. Tax planning can also be useful if you want to optimize your tax situation given your current state of income.

Fee: $61.95 + $8.05 HST = $70 per hour on a customized basis.

T1 Adjustments  

If any past returns need to be amended, T1-ADJ forms can be produced and submitted by mail.  Fee: $44.25 + $5.75 HST = $50 per form. 

What Is Not Offered  

Tax returns for residents of Quebec, corporation returns and foreign returns (IRS filings for American citizens as an example) are not offered.  


The flat fees for all types of returns are based on 1 hour work or less. Should the time spent exceed this amount, an additional hourly fee of $70 per hour may be charged including HST based on the number of additional hours required to file the return. If this situation applies, you will be notified in advance.  


Tax returns can be prepared in our office or at your home. Submissions can be done electronically or on paper and past years can also be filed if necessary. Price quotations for any customized work are provided before the work is commenced. 

Note: This site is intended for people who want to learn about the world of investments and how to research for themselves. If you would like to buy or sell investment products, or specific advice on investment products, tax or legal issues, please consult your investment advisor, accountant or legal counsel. Tax Preparation in Toronto. Income Tax in Toronto


CRA Imitation Scams  


Beware of telephone calls from people claiming to be CRA agents or calling from the CRA. The CRA will tend to contact you be mail should there be any issues with your tax return. You can verify if there is a real issue by telephoning CRA yourself or checking your account online to see if there are any assessments pending or monies owing. Get familiar with your tax return and the status of your account with the CRA to avoid scams that do not make sense.