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"I have already recommended “What is Your Money Telling You” to friends and colleagues as it approaches personal finance as only one part of our lives, interconnected to other aspects of satisfaction and happiness such as relationships, health, and time.  Instead of the usual, how to do more with less, budgeting 101, etc., this book examines our complex relationship with money.  This holistic approach requires us to look at how money (how we make it, how we spend it) impacts our every day life and to really look at the choices we are unconsciously making.  I found myself totally identifying with the examples in the book and will be keeping it on hand to reference frequently."  

Nadine Taft NL Taft Consulting  

Niagara Region   

"None of this material wealth is really relevant, because success occurs within," writes Joe Barbieri in his fantastic new book, What Is Your Money Telling You? which simplifies what we often overly complicate and overthink in in life. What Is Your Money Telling You? comes highly recommended for someone wanting to break through their own personal financial bubble. This book feels ahead of its time. With clear prose, Joe breaks down very complex concepts and ideas into very simple terms, showing us how money isn't so foreign after all and how money is constantly communicating to us in various ways which we often miss in our busy lives. It's time to listen up! The book was very helpful and easy to read -- what a treat. I highly recommend it!  

Sonja N.   

Chicago, Illinois   

This book is absolutely worth its weight in gold. It's incredibly easy to read, complete with effective language and a very clean lay-out. It walks the reader through all of the aspects of money, which, it turns out, closely reflect the aspects of life. "Joe The Investor" argues that money, in and of itself, is neutral, but that our often unexplored beliefs and social programming dictate our financial outcomes. He also positions money as one of many elements of life, alongside health, relationships, energy/effort, and time. There is no question that money is critical for our happiness, as it can afford us piece of mind and a life of freedom (including freedom from DEBT!), but it's not the only way to measure success. So whether you're a financially literate millionaire or a young professional who can't keep track of where your paycheques are going, read this book - you will never look at money the same way again.   

Vincent Heney,  Toronto, Ontario (Also on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com)  

Joe Barbieri's book ‘What Is Your Money Telling You?’ ‘Managing Your Life and Money Holistically’ is written from the perspective of someone who has ‘WALKED THE WALK’!  He has discovered in his own life ‘that money answers all things’! His book offers something for all..... an opportunity for those who like to crunch numbers and figures and to those who don’t. But for all who want to learn a new way of viewing money and its mysteries, his book opens the vault!! He explains to the reader how money will be responding to how we think in every area of life - everything from relationships and addictions to mindsets we’ve travelled through life that may have negatively impacted our money. Awareness is a key! Joe recognises that money is energy and that it must flow! Like many of us following our passion, he has learned many lessons along the road!!! He knows that Wealth is a State of Being! It comes from the inside first! The author also knows money is his servant, as it should be. The book is both practical and insightful ! It will explain as you change the way you think and respond in every area of life everything will change. Your Money will begin to ‘TELL’ you are a good friend and respond to you in that manner!!!!!  

Joan Almond Waterloo, Ontario  

"I finished your book. What was most helpful for me was pointing out where we spend. For, as I saw for you as well, it was around workshops. I was able to see where I'm drawn to spend and to look at that really closely to see which workshops, prioritize and eliminate some, and to proceed in a way that fits my budget and not the schedule of the workshop providers. It was also good to see what percentage of our salary we get to hold on to. I'd never seen it broken down in that kind of detail. Thanks for the info."  

Gloria B. Toronto, Ontario, Canada  

"Congratulations Joe. You have given us a different point of view."   

Christine H., Toronto, Ontario, Canada  

"I have finished reading the book and found it easy to use and read. It has a lot of information regarding how one would go about simplifying one's life and as a result their money and other sections of their life increased. I liked the concept of having  sections in our life equate to a monetary value, as I am sure that the majority of people are unconscious about this concept. These sections revealed will be a revolutionary concept for a lot of people! Knowing this information, my mind and intuition takes me to how does one create a more abundant financially rich life."  

Pauline O'Hanlon, Psychotherapist, Instructor at Transformational Arts College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada  

"Thanks very much for holding your workshop and sharing your insights with those in attendance at Origo bookstore on May 31st. And thanks a lot for providing straightforward and succinct answers to the audience's questions. I truly appreciate your integrity and honesty."

J. Tran, Toronto, Ontario, Canada  

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