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Joe Barbieri has written articles on many topics and several of them have been published in Pension and Benefits Monitor magazine, which is suited for a Canadian institutional investor audience. More recently, Joe has published articles in Ezine articles, Seeking Alpha, WhoTrades.com, LinkedIn Pulse, Lowestrates.ca and was quoted in The Globe and MailWealth Professional, Golden Girl Finance and the Huffington Post. The last four organizations are also listed in the Media Appearances page. All articles are written by Joe Barbieri unless otherwise stated.    

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Articles Archive

April 2019              Retirement Myths

March 2019           What IS TIIFA?

February  2019    What Else Do I Need to Think About in Retirement Beside Money?

January 2019       What Is Fee-Only Financial Planning? 

October 2018       What Is Retirement For Millennials? by Vin Heney

September 2018  Five Tips on Using Robo-Advisors by Vin Heney 

April 2018               What Is Emotional Spending and Saving? 

March 2018            Is Cancelling NAFTA Bad For Canada? 

January 2018        The Stages of a Market Mania 

November 2017   How Can Inheriting “Life Changing Assets” Affect Your Heirs? 

October 2017        Interest Rates Are Rising in Canada. Should You Be Concerned?​ 

January 2017        Common Asked Questions About The RESP 

October 2016       How to Protect Yourself From "Get Rich Quick" Schemes 

May 2016                Estate Laws For Ontario 

​April 2016               So You Want To Start A Small Business? 

March 2016           What Is a Robo-Advisor?

February 2016     How Does the GST-HST Work?

January 2016       Are You Eligible To Deduct Work Expenses As An Employee?

By Topic

Financial Advice

January 2015        How Is Your Fund Money Managed? Active or Passive Money Management 

October 2014       How Much Money Should You Have Before You Obtain Financial Advice? 

Gold and Silver

October 2012         Differences Between Investing in Gold and Silver 

September 2012   What Are the Reasons For Investing in Gold? 



June 2012                Do You Need Life Insurance? 

February 2014      Understanding the Principles of Insurance 


March 2015            The Cost of Passive Fund Investing

February 2015      The Cost of Active Investing

March 2013             Is Contrarian Financial management the Key to Your Financial Decisions?

January 2012         Are You Diversifying Enough?

September 2013   Why Is Dividend Investing So Popular?

February 2013       How Much Does it Cost to Manage Your Investments? 

May 2012                 What Is Your Personal Inflation Rate?

January 2013          Considerations Other Than Return When Picking a Mutual Fund

November 2012     Using Returns to Pick a Mutual Fund

November 2013     How Do I Save For My Education?

November 2011     Do You Pay Down Your Mortgage or Invest in an RRSP?

September 2011    The Overreaction of September 2011

June 2013                  What To Do If Interest Rates Rise?

November 2014     What Is Short Selling and How Do I Do it? 

Money Guides and Strategies

July 2013                    The 5 Step Guide to Borrowing From Your RRSP

July 2013                    The 5 Step Guide to Unlocking Locked-in Pension Funds

July 2013                    The 4 Step Guide to Getting a Zero Interest Credit Card (Canada) 

July 2013                    The 4 Step Guide to Borrowing From Your 401K

July 2013                    The 5 Step Guide to Obtaining a Hardship Loan

July 2013                    The 4 Step Guide to Getting a Zero Interest Credit Card (US)

Mortgages and Lending

November 2015      How To Obtain An Unorthodox Loan 

October 2015          What Factors Are There In Obtaining a Loan?

Pensions and Retirement

August 2014             Can My Pension Payout Change?

June 2014                  What if Retirement Plans Change?

April 2012                  How Does My Defined Benefit Pension Plan Work?

February 2012       What Can I Do With My Defined Contribution Pension Plan?

April 2013                 When Do You Transfer a Locked in Pension Plan?

Psychology and Money

September 2014   Should I pay For My Child's Education? 

October 2013         What is Retirement?

May 2014                  The Psychology of Rewards Programs

July 2012                   The Psychology of Regret and Investing

Real Estate

August 2013             Do I Buy or Do I Rent?

August 2012             How Much Did You REALLY Make on Your Real Estate Investment?

Taxes and Estate Planning

May 2015                  Should I Incorporate My Business?

April 2015                 Rental Income and Taxes

January 2014          Is the Corporate Class Structure Beneficial For You?

April 2014                 Estate Planning For People With Disabilities

May 2013                  Things To Ask Your Tax Preparer

March 2014             Planning For People With Disabilities

April 2012                General Tax Strategies

July 2013                  Converting an RRSP Into a TFSA

February 2012       How Do I Use the TFSA Account?

Pension and Benefits Monitor Magazine Submissions

December 2009     Laying Down the Infrastructure Concept

September 2009    Why Are You Buying Bonds?

August 2009             The Origins of the Subprime Fiasco in the U.S.

June 2009                   Subprime Mortgages and Canada - Are We Immune? page 17

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